As El Paso’s only non-profit, educational community theater for families and young people, First Presbyterian Church is proud to provide space for this group to meet and perform. With our theatrical and performance center, we can serve the community’s young people and their families through entertaining live performances and build a bridge of understanding between both generations and cultures.

In addition, the theater’s presence has become a unifying creative outlet for children, artists and patrons in the community, through fostering ethics of teamwork for productions, building confidence in areas like public speaking and performing and as a space where all of our neighbors can fellowship and appreciate something that celebrates all of our differences.

As a non-profit, that means this community outreach program is only successful thanks to the donations and support from the community. The connection that we, First Presbyterian Church, provide to the community opens doors for the potential of this theatre group that otherwise might not exist. That’s exactly why we do it.

Are you interested in getting your children involved in this fun, skill-building performance group? Contact our Kids N Co-director today!

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