Recently Reverend Neal Locke shared, “The Doctrine of Irresistible Grace.” In this sermon, he introduced the simple idea of grace, and offered a new explanation by looking at it three different ways: first as a divine romance, second as it’s understood in classic Calvinism, and finally in the 21st-Century terms of human evolution and progress.

He introduces his platform with a funny story about divine intervention being the reason his wife Amy said yes many years ago when he asked her to marry him (and almost burned down her apartment in the process). That point helped him illustrate that when God intends for something to happen, it will happen – no matter how unlikely, no matter how long it would take, no matter how ill-equipped you might be and no matter how many times you screw it up. In fact, Rev. Locke dubs this as, “the nature of irresistible grace.”

God isn’t asking us to marry him, per se, but he is asking us to believe in Him and follow His will. If he chooses you, you’ll come. Simple as that. In classic Calvinism, the doctrine of Irresistible Grace is simply a way of saying that God’s will is stronger than ours, God’s plans are better for us than our plans for ourselves.

In fact, he relates this to this history of humanity, citing wars and disasters as tragedies, yes, but also as inevitable steps we had to take to get better, to get where we are now. He calls it, “unstoppable progress.”

That progress is a gift from God, quite simply, God’s grace. We are full of it. By etymology definition, we are full of charisma and character. As a result, we’re grateful. As a result of that, we’re kinder and more gracious. The more gracious, the more we’re compelled to pay it forward. Ahhh, grace.

In short, you don’t have to seek it out – it’s there for you, filling you. Cherish it, and pass it on.

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