Preschool at First Presbyterian Church is a fun, vibrant place full of learning and growing. Our young students face a wonderful world of potential each and every day, full art, music, fitness and social play, learning about religion and studying academics. With our talented, dedicated group of educators, there is always something new waiting to stimulate each little mind and help that student reach their fullest potential.

Founded on the Reggio Emilia approach, our goal is to provide a child-centered, developmental method to learning, one that believes each child is full of knowledge and interests, and thrives as a result of exploring the world around them with their teachers and peers. Together, they create learning landscapes where students can reason and construct, shaping their intellectual and social potential.

Our school’s director and team of teachers are gifted, highly trained, and deeply dedicated to this mission and the children. As a result, we’re surrounded by happy children who know how to learn, and are excited to do so.

Much of our success is due, in large part, to the support we receive from parents, alumni, and the church, and the roles each of these benefactors play. In fact, we couldn’t do it without the involvement of our parents, because we believe that by working as a team – from the classroom to inside the home – we’re able to shape a child’s future by providing a complete education now.

We’d love to welcome your little one to our classroom. Contact our preschool today for more information.

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