First Presbyterian Church continues to serve the greater purpose of uniting a community on the journey of faith. Welcoming men, women and families of all backgrounds, we believe that expanding our knowledge of the cultures around us is important, and at the core of why we offer classes like the Arabic Language Program.

Through foreign language, and learning about other culture, we can learn to connect with people in our community who maybe weren’t raised the same way we were. We can appreciate each other’s difference and begin to exist together in a way that’s beneficial toward to exchange of ideas.

For both children, ages Kindergarten through seniors in high school, and adults, The Arabic Language classes happen every week for 15 weeks at the church. Students can expect to gain Arabic language skills and cultural competence while learning about Arabic countries, culture and foods. Each class cost $15.

STAR Talk is a three-week long cultural immersion experience where students learn basic Arabic conversational skills through song, dance, games, situational role-playing, shared meals around an Arabic style table, outings and projects.  Primary teachers are native Arabic speakers, and the curriculum is designed by nationally recognized experts in language acquisition. The program is funded by a federal grant, and completely free of cost to all students who are accepted into the program.

We teach Arabic language and culture, in part, because we are fortunate to have native Arabic speakers in our congregation.  But equally important, we teach Arabic because we believe in working to promote greater peace and understanding between English and Arabic speaking peoples, whether they are Christian, Muslim, or adherents of any other belief system.

If you’re interested in taking the journey into this new culture, visit our website today to learn more about our Arabic Language Program.

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